Family Sailer-Wurm


„First the young learn from the old to shape their lives and the future for themselves. Later the young teach the old to use the progress and to develop for themselfs. It's always been like this, it's still like this today so that an old age never shies away from progress. The progress and prosperity for everyone in this world only happens when young and old stick together very tightly.“

 - Heinz Nitschke -

Constant further development based on our traditional values and the courage to improvement have been the foundation of our family business since 1825. The cornerstore of our bakery, café and our accomodation „Dorfbäck“ was laid around 200 years ago.


Today, the 6th and 7th generation, with Max & Gerti and Christina & Manuel, work hand in hand in the bakery, the shops, cafés and the vacation rental. Every night are the bakers, Max and Manuel, preparing together freshly baked bread and pastries. While Christina ensures that customers are well served in the bakery-shops and cafés takes Gerti care of the well-being of our house guests.


2019 our family happiness has grown by the birth of the next generation: our little Maximilian Sailer-Wurm. Our boy may still be too young for the bakery, but he is already putting a smila on the faces of all Dorfbäck guests. Maybe your smile is the next?


We are looking forward welcoming you to our holiday apartments in Stumm in the beatiful Zillertal, as well as to our bakery-shops and cafés!


With kind regards,

Max & Gerti Wurm and Christina & Manuel Sailer-Wurm