Visiting the Dorfbäck

History and tradition

Bäckermeister Max Wurm mit Tochter Christina

As a classic family business, our Dorfbäck bakery in Stumm is now being run by the 5th generation, and the 6th generation is ready to take the reins. Daughter Christina passed her master's exam for baking in 2012 and has been working side by side with her father Max in production, sales, and administration. Together, these two are an unbeatable team.

Each day, our family together with our employees tackle the task of preparing a well-chosen assortment of high-quality ingredients with dedication, professional competence, and creativity. 

The bakery was established in 1825, and since then until today, all baked goods are made fresh daily with love and by hand according to old traditions. Machines are only used in areas where they can aid or improve work done by hand. For example, our pretzels and braided brioche are always individually shaped by hand. Each of our baked goods is thus unique, and each of our employees is proud of their work and their products. 

Our Dorfbäck cafe in the heart of the Zillertal is a gathering spot for lovers of various coffee specialties and traditional pastries. Bread lovers will also get their money's worth here!

You can also enjoy our fresh baked goods in our shops in Fügen and Aschau. In summer, you can relax on the comfortable terrace and treat yourself to ice cream specialties or let yourself be pampered year-round with breakfast and afternoon snacks at our small cafe.

Dorfbäck Filiale Aschau, Zillertal
Dorfbäck Filiale Fügen, Zillertal